Isolation Boxes (Negative Pressure Chambers)

Negative Pressure Chambers-Isolation Boxes

GLASSART successfully covers the medical care needs of infection incidents by manufacturing -Isolation Boxes, Suspected Case Sorting Points and Negative Pressure Chambers for COVID-19, and for the treatment of other infections (e.g. SARS disease, Η1Ν1 flu), with a special air-condition and ventilation system and sealed filters for ensured protection and prevention of germ infection.


Carbon Disinfection, Artificial Kidney Chambers, Buprenorphine Units

Carbon Disinfection Chambers provide an ideal environment for disinfecting affected persons. Each chamber is fitted with special air-conditioning units, sealed filters and water disinfection system. GLASSART also manufactures other special medical care units, such as Artificial Kidney Chambers and Buprenorphine Units.