Emergency Housing Systems

GLASSART, with unlimited housing proposals, standard or customized, responds to urgent housing needs, such as human resources accommodation on major projects construction sites, emergency polymorphic houses and prefab steel houses, delivered at unrivaled time.

With Corporate Social Responsibility, GLASSART deals effectively with issues of emergency housing for vulnerable social groups (modular refugee fingerprint registration offices, modular asylum offices, temporary refugee residences, entertainment facilities, schools, modular hosting centers for refugees and immigrants, etc.), providing guaranteed results and certified residential solutions.

GLASSART’s Modular Multisystems, ground floor or multi-storey multi-systems, can be expanded, modified or relocated at any time. Within the framework of the customer service policy, we offer a variety of additional equipment, based on the special needs of the sector, such as additional safety equipment, appliances, solar water heaters and furnishing, so that the buildings are delivered fully equipped for their immediate and better operation.