Frequently Asked Questions

1Where can I find GLASSART products?

In the showroom of the company at 16km Spaton Ave, Paiania, Greece. For more info call us on: (+30) 210 66.69.112 or fill out the contact form.

2What are the opening hours of GLASSART?

The opening hours of GLASSART are: Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 16:00.

3How are the customers of the province serviced?

The customers of the province are served by phone: (+30) 210 66.69.112 or by email:

4Where can I get more information on some of the products on offer or seeing in advertising?

Detailed information about any product you are interested in can be obtained from our offices: 16km Spaton Ave. You can also contact the Customer Service at: (+30) 210 66.69.112 or fax: (+30) 210 66.65.226.

5How quickly can I receive the products of my choice?

Time delivery varies depending on the products. A wide variety of housing systems can be up to 15 days in your space.

6What does Guaranteed Quality mean?

GLASSART produces and distributes the products in a way that is controlled by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 quality assurance system. Products are produced following/under strict quality control procedures by well-trained and experienced staff, modern privately-owned facilities and latest technology machinery.