GLASSART is the leading company in prefabricated Modular Housing Multisystems since 1980 and it constitutes a true benchmark in any comparison. It develops the meaning of housing, while it develops itself as well, in order to respond increasingly to the housing challenges and needs of the times.

By applying a modern philosophy founded on quality, design and ergonomics, GLASSART studies, designs, creates and offers flexible and timeless housing solutions that last across time and cover various activities, enhancing your plans and based on the consideration of safety and comfort.

Our specialized know-how, in combination with the fundamental operational specifications of the International Standards Certifications, awards and honors, have made GLASSART synonymous with high-quality constructions and innovative solutions.

GLASSART is your valuable and reliable partner in major and minor projects, making the difference in premium housing.        

GLASSART.  A true benchmark in any comparison.